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In these intuitively led sessions informed by Zero Balancing, I use good, therapeutic touch to balance, strengthen, and harmonize the flow of your energy through your physical structure. Considered the leading edge of body/mind therapies, ZB moves beyond Western scientific approaches to body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing. This work fosters deep relaxation and renewal, while helping to relieve physical and mental discomfort and stress.  These sessions free up inner resources for healing and for life itself. 


Releasing deeply layer-by-layer...


Of course each person is unique, and comes to a session with a unique history, body constitution, and goals. Most clients notice improvement after one session, and as we continue working together, it is like peeling away the layers of an onion. Over a series of sessions, restrictions of body and mind release, layer by layer, allowing the results of one session to gracefully unfold into the next. Gently, gradually, and sustainably, clients release what has often been building for years.  They are often surprised by the profound and far-reaching positive changes they notice as they continue this practice over time.


What does The work look and feel like?


These sessions feel wonderful to receive! The work is an engaging, satisfying sensory experience that works gently and deeply to attend to the underlying causes of tension and distress.

My sessions are appropriate, and can be modified, for people across the life span. A typical adult session is received as one rests face up on a massage table, fully dressed in loose comfortable clothing. During the session, I touch into key boney landmarks and joints using engaging, slow, therapeutic pressure and gentle traction called fulcrums. Holding your structure and energy in stillness, without judgement, presents an opportunity to your bodymind to relax profoundly, reorganize at a higher level, and easily release deeply held discomfort and tension. 

People often say that during the session they feel a quality of stillness and relaxation they have never before experienced. They may enter a dreamlike state, or feel vivid inner awareness. Or they may not notice anything in particular until after the session when they stand up. They often sense their strength and stature, while also feeling light and gently uplifted. There frequently comes a shift in perspective, or consciousness, that helps you discover or rejuvenate aspects of body, personality, or life circumstances that are ripe for upgrading.

When I finish a session of Zero Balancing, I get off the table and feel reconnected to myself physically. As important, I feel centered, with petty anxieties and negative emotions dissolved and distant …The practitioner’s wisdom and listening skills always allow me to find a good place inside myself.
— Georgiana McCabe  

Healing that is Bone Deep

My sessions focus on the living skeleton. Bone is the deepest and densest tissue in the body, and can hold and convey tremendous energy. There are a number of common phrases that link bone to deeply held emotion: "I feel it in my bones," "It's close to the bone," and "I'm bone tired." We have evidence that certain kinds of physical and emotional traumas are held in the bone.  By touching the structure and energy of the bone, we can attend to the underpinnings of a person, to what lies beneath and behind their symptoms. Thus, at a core level, Zero Balancing facilitates harmony that becomes reflected throughout all the levels of the person's body systems, energy systems, and even life experience. 


There is invincible love in your bones. If you knew who you were, you would rush across a thousand fields to hold yourself precious.

-Tama Kieves


Balancing Structure and Energy

In Zero Balancing we refer to structure as that which is relatively stable and enduring.  In our physical body, our most stable and enduring part is the bone. Our structure is most stable when its parts are balanced, aligned, and able to move harmoniously. We refer to energy as the life that moves through the structure and animates us. The energy we use to animate our lives ebbs and flows. Some days we access more energy than others. In Zero Balancing, we are interested in the balance and interplay of structure and energy.  Some parts of us hold too much energy, creating tension. Other parts may not be receiving enough, allowing deficiency and weakness. When energy moves in concert with our structure, we naturally become more attuned to the rest, joy, wisdom, and happiness available in life.

Zero Balancing is the treatment I turn to when I am in need of a bone-deep energetic shift... Over the years I have had the opportunity to try many modalities and I’ve found that one session of ZB can trigger the most dramatic and positive energy shifts I have ever experienced.
— Cara Washburn, Somerville, MA

And suddenly you know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.



Are you ready?  

The Welcome Session gives you the opportunity to share your needs and intentions in an atmosphere of support and respect. This is also your chance to "check out" what a session with me would be like, and to see how you feel as mental and physical tensions begin to gently let go. After the session you can share your questions, insights, and aha's. You can get my opinion, based on my intuition, training, and experience, about whether I believe this work is a match for your needs and desires. 

The Welcome Session includes

  • One 90 minute in person Integral Alchemy Welcome Session

    • Welcome and Orientation

    • New Client Health History and Wellness Interview

    • Full Body and Energy Evaluation to establish your baseline for a breakthrough

    • 1 Zero Balancing Bodywork Session

    • Re-evaluation, Integration, Sharing, and Consultation where you can share your questions, insights, and aha’s, and at the end we’ll have an opportunity to explore your next steps.

  • Easy online scheduling, plus reminder emails

  • Eligibility to register for a priority or regular slot on my calendar, to provide structure and continuity for transformation.

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