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Photo taken by my daughter, Nanka Thimmesch, back when she was 7,

Photo taken by my daughter, Nanka Thimmesch, back when she was 7,

During my childhood, my family and I lived on the edge of the woods, and there I had some experiences that stood out as "interesting," and that I'd later consider "spiritual." They shared a quality of engaging stillness, vividness, and a sense of lightness and expansion. Those experiences still live in me as a resource I draw on in times of disconnect and doubt.

As a child, when I was not in the woods at home, I often felt afraid, perfectionistic, quietly arrogant, vigilant, and emotionally sensitive. I grappled with this for years, all through my twenties and well into my thirties, feeling tucked away into myself, inwardly bold, yet with a baseline that was wobbly and vaguely terrified. I did not know at the time, and never could have admitted even to myself that I was anxious and depressed. I honestly didn't know that I was.

At age 22 I married a good man, as full of vision as I was. We started an organic farm and we had four babies. During those years I felt almost constantly overwhelmed by the strenuous workload, lack of practical and emotional support, and the needs of my young children. I had suffered multiple head injuries, was grieving the death of my best friend, I had a hormonal imbalance, and was burdened by my constant striving and debilitating physical and mental pain. I felt like a complete failure on all fronts.

Paradoxically, it was living so intimately with nature, spending many nights out sleeping in the garden--and also seeing through the fresh eyes of my children--that I started to wake up again to the truth of who I am, the one I remember being as a child in the woods.

So those years of starting up our farm were a time of stark and utter contrast for me. Feeling so much pain, despair, and dissatisfaction, and then also this oscillation into rapture and oneness....  During that time, I got a whole lot of practice regularly collapsing under the frozen shit bucket of shame, and then rediscovering again and again how to soften back into a state of expansion and connection.

Late in my thirties I received my first Zero Balancing bodywork session and was struck by the particular quality of this experience. Not only did I feel beautifully softened and uplifted; I also felt grounded, nourished, and stable. This was a very different feeling for me. I was aware of a deep state of "ok-ness" and wholeness that had always been there, but that I had not been aware of before. This permeated all the way through me, abiding inside and outside at the same time. I felt spacious and stable in this state of functional expansion. As I received more sessions, the severe mental and physical pain I'd felt for so long began to gentle, and I, even today, continue to experience many life affirming changes throughout my body, personality, relationships, and life as I continue to deepen into receiving, and also offering, the work. When I remember the stress and pain I used to feel, it's almost like I'm thinking of a different person, of a different life.

Now, as a practitioner, and after facilitating thousands of sessions for others, Zero Balancing remains my favorite transformational tool to share. People rest back on the table as their bodymind merges through symptoms and illusions to reconnect powerfully to the truth of their being. They stand up and feel glad, strong, and free. 


Jennelle is certified in Zero Balancing, is a Teacher's Assistant for Core I and II ZB Classes, and Mentor to Applicants for ZB Certification. She has Advanced Training in Infant and Adult Craniosacral Therapy and Therapeutic Infant Movement (Certified Tummy Time™ Method Professional). She has previously served as a homebirth attendant and as a certified doula. She is trained in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. She is a Wisconsin Licensed Therapeutic Bodyworker (#13447-146).

We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.
— Marian Wright Edelman

About Integral Alchemy...

Support for the deepest inner strivings of our times

In the midst of shaking cultural institutions and sweeping changes in nature, we recognize ourselves as part of a great reorganization. We find ourselves under stress, sometimes scattered and uncertain, yet ripe now to develop and heal ourselves, to arise to the gifts and challenges of modern life with inner calm, freshness, strength, and clarity.

Integral Alchemy supports individuals and families on this path with effective and powerful transformational bodywork experiences. Zero Balancing bodywork facilitates profoundly deep relaxation and renewal while helping to relieve the physical and mental symptoms so common in our age.

Integral Alchemy is a micro-practice. A micro-practice is a healthcare model in which a solo provider can focus on personalized, client-centered care since they keep their practice small.


About Viroqua and the Facility...

The historic town of Viroqua is located in the beautiful Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin. With an organic and natural foods co-op, a thriving farmers market, organic restaurants, and lush natural beauty, Viroqua is a healing destination. If you will be traveling from out of town or state, connect with me so we can talk about scheduling a series of sessions for you during your stay.

The Holistic Health Center was founded by Dr. Michael Corr in 2007. Dr. Corr converted the former feed supply store into a multi-room natural medicine clinic.  The bamboo floors, accented by an occasional dash of corrugated steel, create a warm, authentic feeling true to the building's history, and its now, modern usage.  The renovation was accomplished using all non-toxic, green materials to ensure the most positive healing environment.  The facility is equipped with ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, plenty of natural light, and is only a short walk from downtown.

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