Welcome Session

The Welcome Session gives you the opportunity to share your needs and intentions in an atmosphere of profound support and respect. This is also your chance to "check out" a session with me, and to see how you feel as mental and physical tensions begin to let go. After the session you can share your questions, insights, and aha's. You can get my opinion, based on my training, intuition, and experience, about your next steps toward greater health, ease, and vitality.

The Welcome Session includes:

  • One 90 minute in person Welcome Session

    • Welcome and Orientation

    • New Client Health History and Wellness Interview

    • Full Body and Energy Evaluation to establish your baseline for a breakthrough

    • 1 Zero Balancing Bodywork Session

    • Re-evaluation, Integration, Sharing and Consultation

  • Easy online scheduling, plus reminder emails

  • Eligibility for a priority or regular slot on my calendar, to provide structure and continuity for transformation and self care.

You can use the form below to book your Welcome Session.