Redeem Gift Certificates

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welcome Session gift certificate

The Welcome Session Includes:

One 90 minute in person Welcome Session

  • Welcome and Orientation

  • New Client Health History and Wellness Interview

  • Full Body and Energy Evaluation to establish your baseline for a breakthrough

  • 1 Zero Balancing Bodywork Session

  • Re-evaluation, Integration, Sharing and Consultation

  • Easy online scheduling plus reminder emails.



Introduction and momentum for a person new to working with me.

The Welcome Package includes:

  • One 90 minute in person Welcome Session (Read description at left)

  • Bundle of three additional Zero Balancing sessions to support momentum and deepening of healing.

  • Easy online scheduling plus reminder emails

  • Eligibility to register for a regular slot on my calendar, to provide structure and continuity for transformation and self care.


Zero Balancing session gift certificate

A session clears accumulated tension and reconnects you to the truth of who you are.
I use good, therapeutic touch to gently and powerfully balance your physical structure while strengthening and clearing the flow of energy through your body. Sessions promote deep relaxation and renewal, and help relieve physical and mental stress. 


Zero balancing 3-pack

Release tension and build momentum for breakthroughs in your health and wellness.

The 3-Pack Includes:

  • 3 in-person Zero Balancing Sessions

  • Easy online scheduling and reminder emails

  • Priority scheduling or a regular slot in my calendar



-Gentle evaluation and skilled, respectful craniosacral therapy for your baby that caters to your bond with your child.

-Therapeutic movement education and skills you can use at home right away to support the release of your baby's symptoms and to encourage optimal development.