Our time together was completely remarkable... I felt so open, fluid, awake and calm after our session, which I carried with me over the long weekend. I could breathe in ways that felt ancient... as though I was breathing in ways long forgotten.
— Kysa Heinitz, Viroqua

Thanks very much for the session and for the follow-up. I’ve been very impressed with how my ankle has felt yesterday and today! Not a total elimination of discomfort, but I honestly think 80-90% of my steps feel a lot better than they have in weeks, if not longer. So, again, thank you. I’m looking forward to a second session.
— Wayde Lawler, Viroqua, WI

Jennelle Thimmesch has done a wonderful job relieving my sciatic nerve problem. I went to her with very painful body muscles and nerves. Each session has given me more relief from this pain.

Her gentle technique is very effective as it helps my body relax and generally feel better. I would recommend Jennelle to anyone looking to have a wonderful bodywork session!
— Jean Bekkedal, Viroqua
I first came to see Jennelle for physical pain in my shoulders that was affecting my ability to do chores and carry my babies. The feeling of tension and pain were so great that they affected my general ability to be content and enjoy life.

There were major shifts after my first session with Jennelle, and I was pain free after a few. The improvements from our work together were amazing. I felt space!!! Space and ease. I could literally feel my joints opening in a very smooth and liquid way. My chest opened, my heart softened and I could let in light and love and joy.

My nervous system feels clear and my connection to myself and others has less interference. Physically, my improved alignment has given me more strength. Now I trust my body and my mind. Being free of pain and more able to handle stress has helped me to make clear decisions—I have decided to go to school to pursue a passion that holds great meaning for me!

I am deeply grateful that, instead of living from a place of pain and frustration and clouded vision and judgement, I can choose to live from this place—where I feel grounded and safe in my body, and where I lead from my heart.

My session with Jennelle was a gift from my class parents...and it was truly a gift to my body, soul and spirit - renewed and energized, full of gratitude for having this incredible healer in our community. Heaven...
— Bernadette Link, Teacher Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School

Her touch carries a level of support both systemic and structural I’ve not experienced elsewhere. I find her work to be deep, refined, and respectful.
— Rebecca Wainscott, Viroqua

I have two comments. One is it’s amazing how subtle the work is. And two is how immediately I feel the release. When you were touching my throat I could immediately feel my left SI joint release, and when you were holding my sacrum, I felt a release going down my right leg and out my big toe.
— Drew Fisher, Viroqua, WI

Working with Jennelle was so easy and effortless. The work was very relaxing and I felt myself releasing continually throughout the session. Afterwards, upon standing on my feet, I felt incredibly grounded and solid, very connected.

I was back in the “flow” of life, effortlessly allowing abundance and beauty to show up in the most magical ways!
— Liza, Madison, WI

Good morning Jennelle. I just want to thank you for your special support of me. I left your office yesterday with a renewed sense of strength and an incredible calm and lightness that lasted throughout the day and evening. Plus, the numbness in my hand was nearly non-existent, even while I slept! What a godsend - thank you!
— Cathie Barton, Westby, Wi

For many months I was suffering from low back pain following a fall down my basement stairs. I had three sessions with Jennelle across the space of six weeks and experienced a remarkable relief from the back discomfort and also renewed hope in my resilience for healing. Now after three months of feeling ten years younger, I am planning to see Jennelle again to continue with some basic maintenance for my body.
— Julee Caspers Agar, Westby, WI
Thank you so much. Your work is magic!
— Dina Yehia, Viroqua, WI
I was going through a big transition and found myself stressed out by a ruminating mind and disconnected from my body and the present moment. When I arrived for a session I was mentally scattered and overwhelmed. Every time I left the table I felt grounded, relaxed, energized, and recharged to face my life’s current challenges.
— Lauren Hunt, Viroqua, WI

After six years of carpentry work and seven years before that of large-scale vegetable gardening, my lower back was very tight and sore. The back pain kept me from enjoying most activities, including getting down on the floor and playing with my boys. I was anticipating a long road of physical therapy to repair my back. After three meetings with Jennelle my back feels great, and I am now able to enjoy things I have not enjoyed for a long time.
— Jason Skoda, Viroqua, WI
My sessions with Jennelle were deeply moving, restorative, and healing. Although I made the initial appointment due to acute back pain, she moved beyond the physical and seems to have refined my mind/body ‘wiring’ and opened up space for true essence to radiate. The chronic pain has faded and I can return to the mindful ‘place’ of the work and continue it myself.
— Kysa Heinitz, Viroqua

Local friends, I’ve been meaning to give a love note shout-out about bodywork with Jennelle Thimmesch. Both myself and my 13-year old find strength, connection and bone deep peace on the table. If you are able, go see her!
— Jess Krueger, Viroqua, WI

Jennelle has been doing bodywork with me for years. She helps me feel comfortable, will give attention to my trouble spots and hear my special requests. I enjoy that she has integrated her own special techniques into her work. The last time I was in to see her I came to her hesitantly because of pain from starting my cycle. I have grown accustomed to curling in a ball not wanting to move on the first day or two. To my astonishment by mid-treatment my body relaxed, tension released and the pain was gone, but what amazed me even more is I felt soothed and grounded and even went home to accomplish chores.
— J, Viroqua, WI
So subtle. Yet so profound.
— Taryn Greendeer, Viroqua, WI

Jennelle has a very gentle, nurturing approach and energy about her. I left feeling more balanced and strong, physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to see her again and would highly recommend her!
— Angie Roherty, Viroqua, WI

Jennelle is so sensitive and has a grounding energy. Zero Balancing sessions with her dramatically shift not only the state of my body but that of my mind! It’s like coming home. Amazing.
— Anna Kimm, Viroqua, WI