Can you relate?

  • I hold and accumulate tension and stress in my body / mind.

  • I have a history that includes events that still affect me.

  • I'm in a period of disconnect, stress, transition, intensity, or rapid growth. Or, I want regular bodywork to foster my continued health and wellness.

  • I yearn to go beyond what I think I am.


The truth is…

Our lives and are symptoms are connected. And it's common to loose awareness of the innate wellness, spirit, and vitality that lies behind all tension, pain, and unease. When you know that something in your body is "off," or that you feel disconnected, or that you want to be "more," it is actually a healthy sign of your ripeness for healing. On the wings of this awareness comes the opportunity for an authentic physical and energetic shift.


How would your life change if...?

  • We could press the "reset" button on your distress and quickly reconnect you with the core of your inner unity and abundance?

  • The discomfort in your body and mind could begin to clear, allowing for self-acceptance, inner space, and the ability to move with more ease?

  • The stored tension in your body could be liberated to become a source of nourishing energy for healing your body and mind?

  • You were strongly supported by your body while feeling freely uplifted at the same time?

  • You knew your body's wisdom had support to reorganize at a higher level that would serve your best and highest good?

  • You could respond with sweet integrity and empowerment to life's gifts and challenges?


I'm Jennelle Thimmesch, an integrative therapist and therapeutic bodyworker. I'm dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome tension, stress, and chaos. I guide people to an inner clarity that is bone deep, so they can free their innate strength, beauty, and abundance to bless their lives, loved ones, and the world.

I'm known for my compassion, playfulness, integrity, and for the quality and effectiveness of my treatments. My personal energy and sessions facilitate the release of deeply held physical and mental tension. My work invites profound relaxation and renewal while supporting you at the deepest level of your being.

My sessions with Jennelle were deeply moving, restorative, and healing. Although I made the initial appointment due to acute back pain, she moved beyond the physical and seems to have refined my mind/body ‘wiring’ and opened up space for true essence to radiate. The chronic pain has faded and I can return to the mindful ‘place’ of the work and continue it myself.
— Kysa Heinitz, Viroqua

This healing system is likely a match for you if...

  • You would love to partner with me, a knowledgeable provider who will help you tap into your body's inner resources for amplified health and wellbeing.

  • You are open to working gently and powerfully beneath the level of symptoms and appearances.

  • You claim your own responsibility for your health and self-care, and can regard me as a facilitator, catalyst, or guide for your bodymind's own inherent genius and creative potential.

  • You are aware that healing and awakening is not a one-, or two-, or even three-time event. Rather, that all life is a process of discovery and unfolding that wants your bold and loving presence, intention, and dedication.

  • You are open to noticing how the work deepens, ripens, and manifests--often in subtle and surprising ways--after the hands-on session comes to a close.

Your Next Step

If this is you, learn more about how I can help you, or schedule your Welcome Session.