We have been fabulous over here and our sessions contributed to a big upswing in ease of nursing, less fussiness, and healing all around.
— -Asha Meyers, Viroqua, WI

In fun, baby-led sessions that cater to your bond with you child, we use gentle, conscious touch and therapeutic movement to help your baby nurse and sleep better, release tension and birth trauma, grow and develop optimally, and be more relaxed and comfortable in life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My baby seems uncomfortable.

  • My baby prefers turning his head to one side.

  • He favors one breast and nursing doesn't feel great.

  • She doesn't like tummy time. Or doesn't like being on her back. Or doesn't like being in some other position.

  • She can roll over one way, but not the other.

  • I want to learn fun, effective ways to support my baby's optimal development.

my baby prefers turning his head to one side

  • Your pediatrician may have told you your baby has torticollis. This literally means "twisted neck." It is often displayed as a strong head turning preference where baby turns or tips his head well in one direction, but not the other. It is actually part of a whole body tension pattern.

  • Since the whole body is involved, neck stretches do not work well and are not recommended for torticollis. Rather, gentle touch and therapeutic movement guide baby through whole body release and integration.

  • A balanced body where baby has full and easy access to all his movements will support baby's digestion, head control, oral function, regulation, and motor and sensory development.

What is a session for baby Like?

All body parts (bones, muscles, organs, etc.) should move independently of their neighbors. When body parts don't move the way they are supposed to move, the restrictions interfere with proper body functioning.

  • I use my hands to assess whether the body has optimal movement.

  • The baby shows me areas that have restricted movement

  • I use gentle holds and touch to restore proper mobility. We'll often do this while you or I am holding your baby, or while your baby is nursing. We take breaks for snuggles, nursing, and diaper changes.

  • I'll show you movements and other practices you can do at home to help your baby.

  • Sometimes babies have an emotional response to the work (laughing, crying, sighing, yawning, stretching, wiggling, etc.)

how do we get started?

Connect with me here if you have questions. Or book a session for your baby now by clicking below.


Jennelle is certified in Zero Balancing, is a Teacher's Assistant for Core I and II ZB Classes, and Mentor to Applicants for ZB Certification. She has Advanced Training in Infant and Adult Craniosacral Therapy and Therapeutic Infant Movement (Certified Tummy Time™ Method Professional). She has previously served as a homebirth attendant and as a certified doula. She is a Wisconsin Licensed Therapeutic Bodyworker (#13447-146).